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March, 2019 Volume 35, Issue 8

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This Month's artist spotlight is Claire Zeisler (April 18, 1903 – September 30, 1991) was an American fiber artist who expanded the expressive qualities of knotted and braided threads, pioneering large-scale freestanding sculptures in this medium. Throughout her career, Zeisler sought to create "large, strong, single images" with fiber. Zeisler's non-functional structures were constructed using traditional weaving and avant-garde off the loom techniques such as square knotting, wrapping, and stitching. Zeisler preferred to work with natural materials such as jute, sisal, raffia, hemp, wool, and leather. The textiles were often left un-dyed, evidence of Zeisler's preference for natural coloration that emphasized the fiber itself. When she used color, however, Zeisler gravitated towards red.
*Taken from Wikapedia

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Upcoming Calendar Events

March 16th NOWG dye workshop at Bev Madere house. 10am -3pm 

March 21st 6 PM Tapestry Weaving Group at Martha Ward's house

April 6th and 7th New Orleans Botanical Garden Spring Garden Show- Weaving and Spinning Demo

April 13th NOWG meeting Spinning and Weaving on the porch of the Latter Library

May 18th NOWG meeting at Latter Library
Tapestry Study Group and tapestry weaving workshop

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Dyeing with Indigo, Cochineal and Tumeric.
at Beverly Madere's house 10am -3pm

Bring protein fibers: wool (all types) and silk, these can be dyed in all three dye baths

Cotton, bamboo, tercel, rayon, flax can be dyed in the indigo pot.

We will have skein winders at the meeting to make skeins with your fibers, white is best to start with to obtain a pure color.  Bring colored yarns to skein to experiment with over-dyeing.

Information on how to scour the yarn will be explained and everything you need to know about mordants too.

Each participant can dye up to 1 pound of yarn.

Scour your yarn before you come:
To scour yarn or fabric – use HOT water (140*F). A dash of dawn dish soap. DO NOT Use anything with bleach or brighteners. Carefully squeeze the yarn to work the hot soapy water into the fibers. Let it soak until it falls to the bottom of the bucket or bowl. You can use Arm and Hammer Washing soda to increase the scouring power. Rinse well. The yarn must be damp to dye so bring the yarn damp to the

For golden rod, cochineal and indigo you must drop yarn to Michelle for mordant (email her to make plan) put something to identify your yarn. 4 oz per person

Bring a lunch!

Please RSVP to Michele by Tuesday the 12th. You can also drop off your skeins at Michele Andres house on Friday.

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We have been asked to demonstrate at the Crafts of Everyday Life Tent!!

For four days the 2nd weekend, May 2nd to the 5th, 9:30 am to 7 pm.

Ideally, we would have 4 people a day who could manage our demonstration stall and it can be different people each day.

We can leave our things overnight, they have security and close the tents up.

Hours are 9:30 am to 7pm.

We will discuss more details at the March meeting.

Let us know if you are interested in demonstrating or being there!
email Lena, 

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TUESDAY WEAVERS: the Tuesday Weavers' focus is to support wayward weavers and get them back to their looms. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month from 10:30am - 2:30pm usually at Bev Madere's but have been known to do "house calls" for neglected looms and frustrated weavers.  In Terrytown. contact 504 436 4691 for more info.

THE GATHERING…. 1st Thursday of every month ,10am-4pm. This is an open day (free of charge) for those wishing to come to weave or spin. Attendees learn from each other and bring their own equipment, lunch/beverage , a folding chair  and a pair of “inside “shoes..  Those who are new to these crafts are welcome to visit and learn more about appropriate types of equipment necessary  and to see weavers and spinners in action.  

3rd WEDNESDAY-Small Looms Day, 10am-4pm.  All loom types are welcome,,,  potholder looms, zoom looms, inkle and card looms, rigid heddle and tapestry looms.  This is an open day (free of charge) 

4th WEDNESDAY SPINNERS… 10am-4pm All types of wheels and spindles are welcome as well as carding equipment and blending boards. This is an open day (free of charge). Attendees learn from each other and bring their own equipment, lunch/beverage, folding chair, and a pair of “inside “ shoes.  Those new to spinning are welcome to visit and learn about various wheels and assorted types of spinning equipment used by others at the event.

These events are held monthly ,unless  the studio is closed  for fiber shows or events,

INSIDE SHOES… since most spinners and weavers do not wear shoes when practicing their crafts, we request that attendees leave their outside shoes at the door and wear only inside shoes while visiting  within the studio.

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New Orleans Weavers Guild has a Facebook page!! Please likefollow and share our page with your weaving friends!

This can be a place for us to easily and quickly share information. You can post if you have items for sale, if there is a weaving event or anything you think the New Orleans Weaving Community would like to know about. If you would like to be added as a team member on the page let Lena know and she will add you. 

Feel free to post and share your fiber related events!



General meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of the month at the Latter Library unless Flip-In is scheduled. Meetings are held September through May.

Guild benefits to members include discounts on workshops and supplies, access to the Guild library and equipment, attendance at monthly and special group meetings, subscription to Patterns newsletter, opportunities to demonstrate, and display fiber related items collectively and receive the help, advice and camaraderie of other weavers, spinners and fiber artists.
Guild membership runs from September to August. 

Annual dues are $25.00 and due at the September meeting.  Dues are to be payable to: 

New Orleans Weavers Guild, P.O. Box58726, New Orleans, LA 70158.

Board Members 2018-2020

President: Michelle Andre
Vice-President: Lena Kolb
Treasurer: Bev Madere
Secretary: Maureen Murphy
Webmaster: Jane Sullivan
Newsletter Editor: Lena Kolb

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I would love to include information about textile exhibits, inspiration from textile artists, stories of weaving, images of interesting textile equipment, and pictures of work by NOWG members or anything YOU would like to share with the guild. I would love other members to be involved so if you have ideas of things you would like to see in the NOWG newsletter please feel free to contact me. 

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